Solids control system for CBM drilling mud system upgrade

Solids control system for CBM drilling mud process. This client has operated existing system many years, they ordered this system from us to get a better performance during well drilling fluids processing. Their existing system including desander, decanter centrifuge, mud agitators, pumps and mud tanks. However, there is no shale shaker and the related platform-tank/pits.

System delivered last days including 2 sets of linear motion shale shaker, mud tank and auxiliary equipment. For mud tank, there are mud agitators, handrails, walkway, and stairs. From order date to delivery took only 20 days. We know clients need this system urgently as they are operating CBM drilling continuously, we finished it soon but with high quality.
CBM Mud system

Furthermore, we have components of different equipment in stock. That means, we can finish standard equipment quickly because of the available semi-finished items. Such operation will ensure short delivery and high quality products.
Solids control shaker for CBM mud system

Please find pictures of delivered system for your reference.

Why did clients decide to upgrade present system? As we all know, shale shaker is the 1st phase solids control equipment. It is very important to whole drilling project. However, their existing system without shakers at all. So, they found the processing result of equipment is bad and equipments are easy to breakdown. Finally, they were suggested by one of our regular clients inquiring us. After mutual correspondence on technical information they placed order.

Now, the system has arrived at client's site and under commissioning. Will update you about the operation and running performance. Let us know, if you have any demand or interest.