Poor boy degasser and flare ignitor delivery

This lot of degasser and ignitor is for a new client. They were recommended by our regular client. They placed order very soon after contacting us since our timely professional solution and the really competitive price. Please find below detail of the mud gas separator and flare ignition device

Poor boy specifications
Poor boy is another name of mud gas separator broadly. This set of degasser is a customized equipment, including inlet, discharge, gas vent line, etc. Following information for your reference.
1. Model: APMGS800
2. Vessel diameter: 800mm
3. Feed inlet diameter: 2“
4. Discharge line diameter: 6”
5. Gas vent line diameter: 3“
6. Pressure: 0-145psi
7. Weight: 1420kg
8. Vent line extension length: 60m
All necessary pipe fittings, flanges, hardwares, gauge and relief valve are inclusive.
Poor boy degassers

Flare ignitor technical information
1. Model: APFI20/3
2. Torch diameter: DN200mm
3. Burn height: 3m
4. Voltage: 220V
5. Ignition voltage: 16kV
6. Ignition frequency: 100-1000times/min
7. Fuel: Diesel
Flare ignitor test
During the manufacture, there are strict inspection and test procedures. Such as the NDT, leakage test, ignition test, and so on

After sending necessary record and report to client, they are very happy with our high efficiency and responsible solutions. They are pleased to get such high quality products and services. We finished the items within the time frame they requested.

The degassers and ignitor will be delivered this week later or next week earlier. We'll keep you updated. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or interest.