Feedback of AIPU ZJ50 rig solids control system

ZJ50 Rig solids control system were delivered about 1 month earlier. Last days, we got feedback from our user. Our user is very happy that AIPU products perform well and we give them excellent services.

The system including 2 sets of shale shaker, 1 set of vacuum  degasser, 1 ea desander, 1 ea desilter, 1 ea decanter centrifuge, all necessary auxiliary equipment. Such as centrifugal pumps, mud agitators, jet mud mixers, and mud tanks. There are 6 tanks as the vessel and platform for the whole mud system. Please check below pictures as more reference.
ZJ50 Rig solids control system

Our customer operated the system and got great result. They use the system to process their coal bed methane drilling. They have operated a similar system from other suppliers, however, they told ours is the optimal one and economical one.
Solids control

In the coming quarter, they're gonna order another set of solids control system. Now, we are talking about the details of technical proposal
If you have demand or interest on such solids control system? Or you need solids control system for other ZJ drilling rigs? Please free to contact us.