Oilfield shale shakers feedback from regular client in Indonesia

Oilfield shale shakers are the most important equipment for a complete drilling mud solids control system. We'll use them to process the drilling fluids with coarse cuttings. Shakers can remove the rock cuttings under their vibration and transfer function.

This feedback of shale shaker is about the 3rd order from our client. They have purchased 7 sets of shale shaker from us by now. Our clients and our end uses are very happy with the performance and quality of Hunter series shale shaker.
 Oilfield shale shakers Hunter-D
Shale shakers operating at sites are Hunter-D3 series. They hold screen area up to 2.2㎡ with 3 panels of screen. And the screen installation is by wedge blocks. Such installation way is very convenient and easy. The end user of these shakers are top company focuses on oil exploration both onshore and offshore. They have operated many different brands and models of shaker, however, Aipu Hunter series are the optimal for them. No matter to the quality and performance or to the price.
Please find some pictures taken at drilling site from client. Later, we’ll share the video with you to find more.
If you are interested in Aipu Hunter series shaker please feel free to contact us. Also you may be in the demand of other items. Such as Hunter-MG shakers, Hunter series cleaner, centrifuge, and so on. Trust you’ll get the ideal solutions here soon. Don’t feel hesitated to call us. You’ll get offer for free very soon.