Repeat order on Shaker screens replacement for Derrick®️ shaker

Shaker screens replacement to be delivered including panels for D600 series shaker, for HyperPool shaker, for FLC500 series shaker and FLC2000 shaker. All these screens are right fit replacement for Derrick shakers. Please note, Derrick is the mark of  Derrick corporation and FLC, HYP, DP600, FLC are rights reserved by Derrick, too. Aipu is just a screen replacement manufacturer.
Shaker screens replacement
Among these screens, tthere are many different API sizes. Such as API 80, API 120, API 270, API 325, and so on. However, some clients just request market grade "mesh". But to consider the accurate selection and cater for practical working condition, we indicated the separation point according to D100. For example, one of the clients ordered D600 screen replacement including 80 mesh, 120 mesh, and 170 mesh. We stick the tags with mesh size information and indicated the separation point, that means the hole size of screen cloth.

Please find some pictures as reference. You may find the difference between Aipu screen and others'.  Yes, for this lot of screen, they are not for one client but for many regular clients. And the popular one is HYP screen replacement panels. If you compare Aipu screen to others' you will find the big difference. Such as the end of peaks, the peak line accuracy, and the handles. Another difference is the color.
screens for Derrick®️ shaker
This lot of screens are over 2000 panels. Some are the screen panels to replace clients' existing ones, some are for our shaker and to be delivered together with our equipment. Hopefully, all of them will be finished in 20 days. 
To give you all the optimal solutions, please inquire us in advance. As we all know, the freight charge and shipping space situation is not positive. Let's do the preparation in advance for a better cooperation.