Manufacture of solids control system for ZJ50 in Europe

Solids control system is a complete unit to process drilling mud from well bore to the mud pump. It's a circulation system. Under the system processing, drilling fluids can be reused during the whole well drilling. This helps to save cost. Including drilling mud cost and general drilling cost.
Now, we are manufacturing a complete set of solids control system. Including shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge decanter, mixing hoppers and so on. The shakers are linear motion and single tandem single deck. The screen installation way is by tensioning bolts and draw bars. While the mud cleaner is the cones and pipelines configuration with such model shaker. That means the mud cleaner and shale shakers fit the same dimension screen by tensioning kit.
The special features of this system including 2 main issues. One is the ambient temperature, the other one is centrifuge drive system. Our client request that they can store our equipment in the air may be -55℃. Catering for this special requirements, we use the Q355E material for all steel components. While for the standard components, such as motors, gearbox we use the special oil or lubrication to ensure they can work and store in the extreme cold weather.
Solids control centrifuge
For the centrifuges, we provide the main components same as standard decanter centrifuge. The difference is the drive system. These centrifuges are high speed and VFD type. Hydraulic drive system is more suitable for such centrifuge. Considering the working condition and the drive system specialty, we imported the hydraulic drive system. During the produce, we Aipu engineer, hydraulic drive system and control panel suppliers have discussed much details for an optimal proposal. Such as the installation way, the station size, and so on
Now, the whole system is coming to the end phase. Our client placed another order on the mud gas separator. Hopefully, all of the items will be delivered in 20 days. Ye, besides the solids control equipment, we produced the cuttings transfer equipment, too. Yes, the auger feeders.
Later, we’ll share some pictures here for your reference. The whole system including 1 set of mud gas separator, 2 sets of shale shaker, 1 set of mud cleaner, 2 sets of decanter centrifuge and 2 sets of mud hopper. All the other auxiliary items and tanks are made by our clients themselves.
Please tell us freely if you have demand on solids control system or separated equipment. No matter for gas or well drilling. No matter for land drilling or offshore drilling, no matter for hot weather or cold air. Trust you’ll find the optimal solutions at the best cost.