Fracturing liquid drainage processing system has been delivered

Fracturing liquid drainage processing system is a set of complete unit to manage the fracturing fluids, recycle the useful water or do the harmless treatment.
Fracturing liquid drainage processing
This system including the reserve tank, lifting pump, oil-water separator, oil pump, pill tank, filter press and so on. All modules are skid mounted and equipments are fit on tanks (as platform).
What is the processing procedure?
The original fracturing liquid will flow into pool for oil-insulation depositing. Then lifting pump will transfer liquid to oil-water separator. Oil, water, sand are all departed, while waste oil is pumped to wast oil tank; water flows into pre-processing module; sand at bottom with fluid is transferred by pump to the filter press or to the sewage pool. Meanwhile, we can add some chemical when fluid flows into oil-water separator.
Fracture fluid drainage system
Liquid discharges from oil-water separator flow into mixing tank. The mixing tank contains 2 compartments with 1 agitator fit on each. We suggest feeding chemicals for better flocculation on fracturing liquid. The flocculated liquid overflows or is transferred into air-floating tank
In the air-floating tank, there is dissolved air pump, sludge scraper, transfer pump. The flocculated liquid flows into air-floating tank, the suspension object and oil flow up to liquid level. Scraper unit scraps them into reserve pit of air-floating tank. After such earlier processing liquid will be pumped to filter press, also the deposit sludge/sand is pumped to filter press. The water after air-floated overflows to deposit tank then water is pumped to O3 reaction tower. Mn ion and Fe ion are removed by O3, as well as the bacteria then processed water overflows to water tank.
Delivery of fracturing liquid processing system
The filtration unit in this system including coarse filtration and fine filtration, finally the particles larger than 5μm are all filtered out. Water after separated and filtered all flow or pump to clean water tank or original fracturing liquid tank.
Now the fracturing liquid drainage system has arrived at users' site in Yanchang oilfield area. It's under commissioning, our client is very happy with the system quality and our service. Please feel free to let us know if you are interested or in the demand of such unit.