Mud cooling system feedback from oilfield

Mud cooling system sent to oilfield last weeks has been appreciated by clients. Aipu has delivered 3 sets of complete cooling system to oilfield by now. We are doing the service for oil drilling company on mud cooling project. The main market is in China. Bey now, all of the system have performed well and got good feedback from users.

The details of mud cooler are as below.  In general, the different function parts including cooling water tank, air power system, exchange system, auxiliary. We have proposed mud tanks, water pumps, pipelines, control panels, funs, spray system, mud pump, exchanger, railways, walkways, and so on accessories.

Difference among these system including mud flow rate and the target temperature we need. For example, 120m³/h flow rate and cool down temperature from 100℃ to 40℃; the other system is 60m³/h flow rate and decrease 70℃ to 30℃. One issue to pay attention, the temperature of output mud depends on ambient temperature. Now it's Summer in China, and job site air is around 35℃. So the output mud from cooler can't be lower than 35℃. That means the bottom temperature may vary according to actual working conditions.
mud cooler system

Aipu mud cooling system promises the effect. We are confident since the actual result from job site. One of our system provides latest information as below.
Drilling depth: 6607m
Horizontal penetration: 2201m
Flow rate: 145m³/h
Temperature in downhole: 135.1℃
Mud temperature before entering mud cooling system: 49.3℃
Mud temperature after cooled: 35.6℃
oilfield drilling rigs
There are new pending orders on way. Including one end user and other service contract for the regular client. We have professionals on design, manufacture and service. Selecting Aipu mud cooling system means the complete proposal for cooling down mud during whole drilling. Please contact us freely if you have any interest or demand. You'll certainly get the ideal proposal as per your requirements.