ZJ90 Rig solids control systems under manufacture

Solids control systems are both for CNPC exploration projects. But they are for different drilling contractors. Now, all tanks weldment are almost finished. Please find some pictures for your reference. 
Difference between 2 systems including tank quantities, bottom design, general holding capacity and pipelines arrangement. Last days, our customer has come to our factory inspect all items with satisfaction feedback.
One set of system including normal rectangular tanks, the other set of system including the semi-circular tank. But all of the tanks are typical 3-runner oilfield skid mounted. The round bottom decreases dead corner leads to more effective volume, however, the rectangular bottom provides a larger volume. That means the same length, width, and height of tanks in different patterns hold different effective volume. While the rectangular bottom is usually larger than the round bottom one.
All the tanks are designed according to users' practical demand. According to their experience and practice, our technical department designed the whole system with the approval from end user. Till now, the 2 systems are at the final stage.
When we finish these 2 sets of system, there will be a repeat order on complete system again. Our customer and end user have expressed their appreciation on our expertise, quality, and service. Sincerely appreciate their support and trust, we'll keep moving and provide the optimal solutions as we always do.
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