Solids control equipment delivery for regular clients in Europe

Solids control equipment for this regular client are for a complete system used to process drilling mud. The drilling rig is ZJ40. This customer has placed 5 repeat orders on mud system from us. They are always happy with our product quality and our services. These equipment are to be delivered by train to Europe. Please find below photos for your reference.

Among these equipment, there are Hunter-MG series shakers, Hunter series mud cleaner, APZCQ vacuum degasser, APLW series decanter centrifuge, APMA mud agitators, APSB Series centrifugal pumps, and so on.

Compared to last order, this order on equipment doesn't include separated hydrocyclone separators. The mud cleaner provides a better performance than the single equipment, while the single equipment cost less and integrated cleaner.  The goods will arrive at user's end in about 20 days. By then, let's see more update and feedback from our customers.

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