Over 3000 panels of shaker screen to clients

Shaker screens we have delivered including the pre-tensioned ones, the hook tensioning ones. And among the pre-tensioned panels, there are steel frame and composite frame ones. Among the hook tensioning panels, there are flat panels and panels with waves.
Our new client have purchased over 1000 panels of screen, the others are from our regular clients. Now, there are over 2000 panels of screen have arrived at destination of our clients, the others are in the sea or on way to the port.
The replacement shaker screens including panels for 4830, for HYP, for DP600, for VSM, and the special OEM panels for our client shakers.
Shaker screens
Please find some photos for your reference. Among these screens, there are API 20 to API 230. These are more popular sizes with major users. Now, there are still repeat orders on way from our clients. Almost same models, same sizes, and same quantities.
Shaker screens for VSM
If you are in the demand of shaker screens, please don't hesitate to contact us. No matter you need replacement screens for which brands or models.