Successful delivery of ZJ90 rig solids control system

ZJ90 rig solids control system delivered is a high standard solution for CNPC. From the shale shaker to the fuel tank and water tank, from the slot bottom to the awning. Our client is very happy that we have full filled every detail requirements of the system.
This system including 5 sets of shale shaker, 1 set of mud cleaner, 1 set of centrifugal degasser, 5 sets of mud mixing pump, 41 sets of mud agitator, 14 sets of mud tank. There are processing tank, mixing tank, reserve tank, trip tank. Besides mud tanks, there are water tank and fuel tank.
ZJ90 Rig solids control system
Suction line and discharge line can suck and discharge drilling mud from any of the mud tank easily. Besides channels between tanks, there are sufficient inlet and outlet port on all tanks. Now, the system is on way to serve oil drilling. By end of January we'll get latest status from oilfield after finishing the commissioning and test. Then, we'll share more updates with you.
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