“The Importance of Shale Shakers in the Oil and Gas Industry: Improving Effici

Aipu Solid Control is a professional solid control manufacturer dedicated to the research and development of mud separation technology and equipment manufacturing for many years. Aipu Solid Control has rich experience in design and development, and is a manufacturer that integrates design, manufacturing, and sales to provide integrated services to meet customer needs.
Recently, a batch of solid control equipment has been shipped to Russia, including high-frequency vibrating screens, desanders, desilters, centrifuges, vacuum degassers, screw pumps, mixers, and other equipment.
The Hunter series mud vibrating screens manufactured by AIPU have the characteristics of high volume, large screening area, strong excitation force, flexible adjustment of screen box angle, quick replacement of screen mesh, fewer vulnerable parts, and low maintenance cost. The vibrating screen is widely used in the oil and gas field drilling industry to effectively separate the drilling fluid in the first stage. Efficient solid-liquid separation provides a good foundation for subsequent work, reducing the production of waste and the loss of mud waste, thereby reducing the total drilling cost. To meet the needs of drilling operations in different regions, AIPU has launched multiple types of vibrating screens, including multiple screens, multi-layer screens, negative pressure screens, multi trajectory screens, linear screens, etc.
The batch of solid control equipment manufactured by AIPU is made of Q345E steel to meet Russia's low-temperature drilling needs, with a low temperature resistance of -40 ° C.
Aipu Solid Control is a professional manufacturer of solid control equipment, with business scope including oily sludge treatment, mud cooling, mud settling, oil and gas industry sewage treatment, etc. Welcome domestic and foreign customers and friends to come to our factory for inspection and exchange.