On the winter solstice, ZJ40 control system equipment was successfully shipped.

The delivery of solid control equipment, including slurry circulation tank, high-frequency linear vibrating screen, vacuum degasser, slurry cleaner, high-speed centrifuge, centrifuge liquid supply pump, slurry mixer, slurry gun, desanding and desludging pumps, mixing hopper sand pumps, jet funnels, metering pumps, shear pumps, level meters, explosion-proof lighting, accessories, explosion-proof electronic control system, water tanks and other equipment!

This solid control system consists of five sets of mud tanks, and the solid control system is equipped with five-stage purification device with two vibrating screens, one mud cleaner, one vacuum degasser, one centrifuge, and sand pumps, mixing shear, and weighting device. The design of the solid control system is in line with the rig layout, overall design requirements and standard drilling fluid treatment process. Each mud tank is equipped with a fresh water line on the tank and stainless steel ball valves in order to meet the needs of cleaning inside the tank surface tank. The system is equipped with a total of 3 upper tank ladders, 1 vibrating screen tank, and 1 on each side of the fixed tank area against the mud pump.

The ladder on the tank is made of channel steel as the main body, and the horizontal tread is made of galvanised sawtooth steel grating, with double side rails, and the ladder is equipped with insurance hooks. The ladder is equipped with safety hooks. The ladder railing is complete, intact and firmly fixed. Each bin is equipped with a manhole and a galvanised serrated steel grating cover. The cover plate of the trench is also galvanised serrated steel grating.

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