Aipu water base mud management win the drilling operations

Shaanxi Aipu solid control Co., Ltd. has been a devoted in the drilling mud solid control system industry for ten years. Founded in 2013, the company has built cutting-edge research and development, system design, manufacturing and sales capabilities. Aipu has obtained prestigious environmental quality certifications such as APIQ1, ISO and HSE in the United States, showing Aipu 's commitment to excellence. The company's extensive product range includes shale shaker, cleaner, centrifuges, hydraulic centrifuges and other equipment for onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling.
 One of Aipu 's outstanding products is the water base mud management, which was successfully implemented in May last year. This innovative system is already having a significant impact, as evidenced by the positive feedback from Daqing Oilfield. The system's performance has been well received by customers and has been operating seamlessly, and established Aipu 's position as an industry servicer. The successful deployment of the mud base landing system not only show the Aipu 's technical strength, but also make customers more trust in our products
Aipu 's water base mud management is a new process of drilling operations, allowing the company to provide enhanced services to its global customer base. The success of this system in Daqing Oilfield proves Aipu 's determination to continuously improve and innovate. Aipu provides more than ten system treatment solutions every year, including ZJ70, ZJ80, and ZJ90 solid control systems, fracturing backflow treatment systems, and oily sludge treatment systems, taking a leading position in the efficiency and sustainable development of the oil and gas industry.
As Aipu continues to drive technological advances, the success of the water base mud management is a testament to the company's commitment to providing solutions. Aipu is focused on providing comprehensive equipment to advance drilling operations.