Five phases processing in solids control system

Drilling mud solids control system is used to control harmful solids particle in drilling mud. Reasonable and high efficiency solids control system can process harmful solids particle and retain the original solid, achieve requirement of well drilling
Detail five phases purification for drilling mud system
1.   The first purification: processing large particles in drilling mud. The drilling fluid through the bottom well return to mud tank containing larger cuttings. Then shale shaker will separate out more than 74 microns particles to reach the first solids control.
2.   The second solids control: discard gas. Vacuum degasser is a special device for processing invaded gas from drilling mud quickly. It plays an important role to resume drilling fluid density, to prevent the potential blowout, well collapse danger.
3.   The third cleaning step: discharging larger particles. The drilling mud processed by shale shaker will be pumped into the desander. The desander will be used as the second solids control equipment actually.
4.   The fourth purification: discharging small particles. The drilling mud processed by desander flow into the desilter. The desilter can separate between 15 and 45 micron solids particles to achieve the fourth processing.
5.   The final purification phase: discharging smaller particles. The drilling mud processed by desilter will be transferred into drilling mud centrifuge separated again and achieve centrifugal process.
Five stage drilling fluid purification is mainly used for complex well conditions and high requirement drilled well. In the actual process, we could adopt one or several stages according to drilling operation request. After five stage solid control processing, the drilling mud can fully meet the drilling fluid quality requirements.

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