The choice and maintenance of centrifugal pump

Drilling mud centrifugal pump function
Centrifugal pumps in oil& gas drilling solids control system and HDD & CBM mud recycling system:
1. Feeding for desander, desilter, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser
2. Mixing pump for providing power for mixing hopper
3. Charging pump for mud pump
4. Trip pump for trip tank
Based on different functions and treating capacity, we need to choose different models centrifugal pumps, the normal model including: 6×8, 5×6, 5x4, 4×3, 3×2.

Centrifugal pump maintenance
1. Before starting, check whether the solid control, link bolts are loose and whether the instrument is sensitive and accurate.
2. To prohibit the pump working for long time in the cavitation state.
3. Check the pump and motor running status every2 hours.
4. Fuel the bearings every 500 hours to ensure the bearing lubrication.
5. After pump running for a long time, since mechanical wear enhance pump noise and vibration. We should check on pump immediately, if necessary, please replace wearing parts and bearing.
6. Mechanical seal lubrication should be clean without solid particles, forbid mechanical seal working in dry grinding. If occur problem should replace or filling lubricating oil timely.
7. Before starting drive and turn pump (motor) a few laps to avoid sudden start caused sealing ring fracture damage.
8. Do cleaning working for assembling unit after using, ensure sand pump clean and convenient for next operation.
The choice and maintenance of centrifugal pump