How to select centrifugal pump?

Sand pump is one of the most important equipment in drilling mud solids control system. Its function is to provide a certain pressure drilling mud to desander, desilter and mixing mud equipment. Presently, large displacement centrifugal pump is used in drilling site. It is divided into horizontal sand pump and vertical sand pump according to structure. Reliable performance of centrifugal pump will directly affect drilling mud desander, desilter performance, further affecting the whole drilling system normal working.
Selecting centrifugal pump must meet the flowing principles
1. Meeting requirement of proposed flow, lift in production process and flow property.
2. Centrifugal pump should have good suction performance and reliable sealing.
3. Centrifugal pump should be placed in wide area operating so as to keep operating economy when adjusting flow
4. On the premise of meeting basic requirement, we should choose centrifugal pump with compact structure and low cost.
5. Other special requirement, such as explosion-proof, corrosion resistance etc.
The features of centrifugal pump
1.   Dual grade seal
The pump seals including the mechanical seal and packing seal as dual grade seal.
2.   Opening impeller
The pump impeller is opening type it is more suitable for transferring drilling mud with high density, high viscosity fluids
3.   High efficient
The impeller design conforms to flowing force demand. Pump performance is much higher
4.   Longer service life
Important parts are made of anti-abrasive material ensure long usable life
5.   Wide range pump types
Pump case and impeller type available meet different clients’ demand
6.   External impeller structure
Such design will provide user more convenience on adjusting distance between impeller and mechanical seal.

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