A summary of drilling mud centrifuge drum

Drilling mud centrifuge drum types
It includes the cylindrical, conical and cone combination. The conical is beneficial for solid dehydration, the cylindrical is beneficial for the liquid phase clarification, and the cone with both characteristics.

Notices for centrifuge drum operation
1. Since the cone part of cylinder usually suffer serious wear, some ribs are welded on the surface along the busbar direction to reduce drum wear. The purpose is to form protective layer on the surface of the drum and to prevent the sediment slipping on the drum for convenient spiral conveyor.
2. For easy separation materials, the length diameter ratio is 1- 2, generally 1.5, for difficult separation materials, the length diameter ratio is 2.5- 4, generally 3.
3. Half cone angles of drilling fluid centrifuge drum refers to the angle with the axis of the busbar. The cone angle mainly depends on the difficulty of sediment transport. For easy transportation of sediment, the cone angle is 5°—8°, most of the cone angle is about 10°—11°.
4. There is circular flange on outer surface of drilling fluid centrifuge drum, it cooperates with corresponding cabinet board in machine shell to form labyrinth seal, to prevent the clarified liquid into the discharge chamber.
5. Drum materials of drilling fluid centrifuge is stainless steel or cast or welded, it is usually made of high strength stainless steel and titanium steel, also can be made of glass steel.

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