Development on solids control and shale shaker

Presently, almost solids control system consist shale shaker, degasser, desander, desilter, centrifuge. We also call it as drilling fluid purification system

The development on solids control

Over 5 decades, we do much research and test work on solids in drilling fluid. We study the effect via many test and the practice at drilling project. All over the globe, we found higher solid content will affect much on drilling fluid density, viscosity, mud cake thickness, etc. Thus, the drilling speed will decrease since the water content reduce

So, we introduce the shale shaker from mining industry. At the beginning, we only have simply constructed shaker as the solids control equipment. Gradually, people found shaker is far away from sufficient performance of good solids control. Then, the second solids control-hydrocyclone.

After the desander hydrocyclone, we developed the desilter hydrocyclone. Finally, we put centrifuge decanter as the fourth solids control equipment. All other assistant equipment are utilized step by step, such as degasser, mud mixing pump, and so on
Solids control shale shaker

Main tendency on solids control study

One development is based on solids control essential theory to design and produce new items. Such as the MAX solids control system of Remteck. This system can get rid of 95% drilling cuttings and the gas. Cut the drilling fluid lost easy to operate for various of working condition. Another feature is it requests little space. It including degasser, reserve room, filtration belt, retain belt, power roller, rotating air cleaner, cuttings discharge, and so on

Another tendency treats shaker improvement as core. Simplify present solids control system to finalize the whole system consisting with only shaker and centrifuge. Then the core problem will be making screens finer.

Shale shaker and screens development

The shale shaker developed from elliptical shaker, circle motion shaker, linear motion shaker, and BEM shaker. The performance is better and better. Thus the screens life is longer and longer, also these boost screens development on  screen mesh fining, and super fine screen use

Furthermore, we also found the shakers developed rapidly on shaker decks. Such as the single deck, the double deck, the triple deck, or even the multiple deck. Also the single tandem, double tandem, and triple tandem. So long times, we may have over 10 generation shakers. No matter how, the result is better performance, longer service life.