Solids control system benefits and more details

What is the benefits of solids control? Or what is the benefits of low solids in drilling fluid?

Using of engineered drilling fluid provides for a number of benefits, including but not limited to followings:
1. Increased drillnig penetration
2. Increase bit or back reamer life.
3. Mud cost reduce
4. Saving the triplex mud pump, mud motor, surface equipment maintenance
5. Reduced clean-up, haul-off or disposal cost
Solids control system

Thus we have to control solid content. Without effective solids control system can lead a wide variety of problems. Including
1. Lower rate of penetration
2. Reduced bit and reamer life
3. Increased drilling mud cost
4. Increased wear on the triplex mud pump, mud motor, surface equipment maintenance
5. Increased clean-up, haul-off or disposal costs

To achieve effective solids control, the following should be deployed:
1. Obtain an effective, dependable, and durable solids control system
2. Ensure that the solids control system acquired: a. Hydraulically balanced, b. Is capable of making both a scalp cut and a fine cut, c. Has sufficient drilling fluid mixing and re-circulating capacity.
3. Do not by pass the shale shaker or other solids control equipment while drilling
4. Use the smallest mesh screen possible on the shale shaker. This will change from formation to formation and will require operators to maintain a variety of screens on hand.
5. Maintain an adequate inventory of recommended spare parts and screens.
6. Certify and assign rig personnel to be responsible for equipment operation & maintenance: a. Request equipment commissioning and training for your customization, b. discuss possible written training programs that may be available