Some notices on mud gas separator choosing

Mud gas separator summary
Mud gas separator is a special equipment to handle the invaded gas of the drilling fluid. Density and viscosity of the drilling fluid will greatly be influenced by the invaded gas. In some dangerous situation, it can lead to the accident of well kick or blowout. The combination of mud gas separator and flare ignition device can effectively handle the invaded gas. Mud gas separator is widely used in the global oil & gas drilling industry.
Mud gas separator should meet the flowing requirement
1. According to practical experience, choosing the treating capacity of mud gas separator should be 5 times of designing circulation.
2. The diameter of inlet pipe of mud gas separator should be equal to or more than the diameter of the throttle pipe line
3. The inner diameter of the discharge pipe of the liquid gas separator shall be no less than the inner diameter of the inlet line, drilling fluid directly discharged to the inlet pipe of shale shaker or mud tank.
4. The diameter of the exhaust pipe should be 200mm (8in) or more.
5. Don’t need to install valve on gas discharge pipe.
Checking on equipment and tools
1. Discharging pipeline of separator should be fixed firmly.
2. When the weather is cold, if bottom of mud gas separator equipped cleaning valve, in order to prevent the liquid freezing and blocking the liquid gas separator should open the valve.
3. Clean and maintain liquid gas separator according to the instruction manual or service provided by the manufacturer.

red color mud gas separator