Summarize on solids control

More and more drilling contractor realized the importance of solids control. Drilling fluids solids control has become key issue of making o&g drilling fast, safe, qualified, as well as the effective method of protecting o & g bed. So solids control is important way to overcome optimizing well drilling.
Doing solids control well and correctly can protect oil gas bed, decrease the torque and friction, decrease the wave of suction pressure. Low down the possibility of drilling block, speed up the well drilling process, extend drill bit usable life. Reduce abrasion on equipments. Increase the spare parts usable life in drilling fluids circulation system. Make well head more stable, improve conditions of setting pipelines. And more environment-friendly as well as cut down the drilling fluids cost, etc.

Solids control type
There are so many solids control methods, usually we’ll take following as main solution:

The first  is dilution, it uses clean water or other watery liquid to dilute drilling mud.

The second is replacement, it uses clean water or standard new drilling mud with good property to take place of certain drilling mud including some solids then decrease general solids percentage. Above method are usually used together to get better result of solids control

The third  is mechanical way. It will be realized through shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanting centrifuge, etc. machinery equipments. Take the advantage of screen filtration, and decanting separation principle. Then the solid will be separated out according to density and particle size, and we’ll decide to use and delete subject to actual demand. Finally we achieve the solids control aim.
Drilling fluid solids control system works well and requests little investment, each solids control equipment holding special superiority and separate related solid particle size.

The fourth one is chemical way. During this process, we use stable drilling fluid system to control drilling cutting. Will make cuttings stable together or concentration. It benefits mechanical separation or chemical settling. This is mutual addition mechanical solids separation.

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