Main equipment in drilling waste management

We know that mud tank plays an important and basic role in drilling waste management, as well as the carrier of drilling fluids. All drilling waste management equipments are mounted on the top of the mud tanks. The equipment of drilling waste management is as follows.
Cutting dryer: it is the core equipment for the whole drilling waste management. Cutting dryer could dry the mud solids transported from the oil drilling well.
Decanter centrifuge: it is the most important equipment for drilling waste management; of course, VFD decanter centrifuge is also the core equipment for the solid control system.
Screw pumps and screw conveyor, they are both used to transfer the solids from the surface of the well, they are basic equipment for the whole system.
Mud agitator is used to mix the solids in mud tank to let the solids be easy to retransfer and restore in the oil drilling fields.
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mud equipment on the show