The importance of oil solids control equipment

All drilling workers hope there is a kind of finest mud so as to enhance drilling safety and efficiency. If we just rely on chemical treatment to keep drilling mud performance, which not only have a high cost but also difficult to keep mud performance stable. So we must depend on effective mechanical processing equipment to control drilling mud solids content. Therefore, solids control is an important link in maintaining and ensuring drilling mud good property and is also one of common drilling technology.

In the process of oilfield drilling, more than 15μm solids could affect mud property and drilling rate of machinery greatly and it accounts for about 70% of the total solids. People strive to remove them by effective mechanical equipment. With the development of drilling technology, high requirement for mud property. Practice has proved that improving mud property by control solids have developed a kind of important drilling mud processing technology. We need to supply a set of perfect and suitable drilling mud purifying equipment to provide drilling finest drilling mud, it is a guarantee to maintain the excellent performance of the drilling mud.

The solids in drilling mud is divided into two types according to function, one is useful solids, such as bentonite, chemical treatment agent, barite, etc. The other is useless solids, such as cuttings, inferior bentonite, sand, etc. By “drilling mud solids control” it is to remove harmful solids, protect useful solids to meet drilling technology requirement for drilling mud performance. Usually drilling mud solids control is called solids control for short.

Importance of solids control is treasured more and more, it has become a critical factor that directly influence safety, high efficiency, finest drilling and protecting oil gas zone. Solids control is one of important measure to realize the optimize drilling. Do well for solids control will provide scientific drilling a necessary condition. Correctly operating solids control can protect oil and gas zone, reduce the drilling torque and drag and possibility of differential pressure sticking, improve drilling speed, prolong drill bit service life, reduce wear of equipment and tubing, improve service life of drilling circle system wear parts, enhance well bore stability and reduce drilling cost, etc. 
drilling mud solids control