Mud tank application in oilfield drilling

Mud tank used in solid control system
Solid control system is always used in oil drilling fields to improve working efficiency. As we know that the whole solid control equipment, such as shale shaker, sand pump, etc., are all mounted on the drilling mud tank. Maybe we will know that the function, or the role of our drilling mud tank is to bear the whole equipment, to provide a good situation for them to work well in the solid control system, and, on the other hand, to collect all the waste solids together, to make it easy to transport and reduce the harmless of the drilling environment around.

Mud tank used in drilling waste management
You know that there are cutting dryer, VFD decanter centrifuge, screw pump, etc here, and at the same time, you will find a silence part, that is mud tank. In the noisy oil drilling fields, in most situations, you even will ignore its existing. However, we could not ignore its important role for the whole system. Just as the importance for solid control system, all drilling waste management equipment is mounted on mud tank also. Mud tank has the same role and function with other equipment, they are all necessary and indispensable.
That’s the oilfield drilling mud tank. As the original mud tank manufacturer and supplier, we know the importance of mud tank for whole oil drilling fields’ work.
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