Waste management centrifuge features

Aipu decanter centrifuge mainly used for drilling fluids processing, barite recovery, drilling waste treatment, mud weighted, etc projects. We also produce related equipments fitted for the centrifuge, to be assembly as a complete drilling mud processing system, including mud tank, mud agitator, mud mixer, shale shaker, etc.
1. Optimized fluids inlet system minimized the breakage for the material during feeding, result in more effective treatment
2.The inside structure adjustment satisfy the high percentage solids contain in drilling waste retreatment and big volume solids discharge requirement .Our high pulling torque and power features design can meet different worksite needs. For oil based mud treatment, oil on the solids 10%-13%
3.According to different geology requirement for drilling waste treatment, the electric control system adopt VFD design for main motor, back motor and pump motor ,ABB frequency convertor, explosion proof control panel .Compact and stable in operation, fast and convenient in maintenance .
4. Anti-plug system, when plug happens, the centrifuge will enter into automatic control, eliminate the plug, make the centrifuge work normal again, completely eliminate centrifuge bowl plug problem.
three phase decanter centrifuge