Major responsibilities on solids control system operation

Overseeing the mechanical/electrical processes which are used to provide enhanced drilling properties and recycle drilling mud through closed loop systems.
Operate the equipment (centrifuges) according to specifications directed by the mud engineer or drilling supervisor.
Travel to rig site locations for setting-up, tearing-down, monitoring and maintaining centrifuges and centrifuge related equipment and completing all required paperwork.
Represent company while working with both drilling contractor and operator.
Perform pre and post job equipment inspections, perform and complete preventative maintenance procedures and operate centrifuges and support equipment.
Assemble and prepare equipment for installation and service and perform initial set-up for next job.
Maintain a clean and safe work environment
Perform all work in accordance with established quality standards and safety procedures.
Other duties as assigned
Ability to react based on customer needs and safe work practices
Long hours of work and driving at times.
Critical paperwork issues for safety, billings, quality assurance and inventory control.
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