Cause of drilling fluids leakage on shaker screen

In mud system, shaker screen is used not only in shale shaker, but also desander, desilter and mud cleaner to separate the solids in the drilling fluids solids control system. But usually in jobsite, we may find some drilling fluids leakage on shaker screen. So why did it happen during the operation of shale shaker? This phenomenon is mainly caused by three reasons.

First, we should consider whether the screen mesh selected is reasonable or not. Since drilling in the surface layer is faster, more solids phase particles are produced and occupies effective screen area, the fine-mesh screens can’t be used in shallow well. At the beginning of drilling, large mesh screens should be used and with the increase of drilling depth, adopt more fine mesh screens gradually.

Second, the situation of layer and drilling fluid influence the handling capacity. As the chemicals added in the drilling fluid are not fully dissolved and paste on the screen, a serious fluid leakage will occur. Another situation is, when drilling into soft sandstone layer or sand layer, the sand grains are easy to stuck in the screen holes and leads to screen is blocked.

Third, check if the rotation direction of the motor is correct. Remove the vibrator shield, check if the rotation direction of eccentric blocks of the two motors are all revolving outward. Second, if the rotation direction is incorrect, please exchange any two phase lines of the input power supply in the electric cabinet.
shale shaker and shaker screen