Solids control shale shaker feature

Shale shakers are the first line of defence in removing drill cuttings from your valuable drilling fluid. High G shale shakers offer superb screening capabilities with robust and reliable construction that will keep on working.

Aipu solids control producing shale shaker has the following features.
(1). Imported motor: Aipu uses imported short motor from Italy to provide a strong commonality and reliable performance.
(2). High strength: Made by alloy steel metal material for a high strength guarantee.
(3). Fatigue resistance: Heat treatment of screen box eliminates internal stress completely.
(4). Adjustable vibration intensity: Adjust vibration intensity through eccentric block of motors.
(5). Splash prevention: Splash prevention intensity through eccentric block of motor.
(6). Obliquity adjustment: Adjust obliquity safely by ratchet gear.
(7). Compact structure: The length is 3m including 2.65m safe length.
(8). Muti-Purpose: With auxiliary function of emptying valve, uniform flow baffles plate, etc.

Shale shaker for solids control are devices that remove drill cuttings from the drilling fluid while circulating and drilling. There are many different designs and research into the best design is constantly ongoing since solids control is vital in keeping down costs associated with the drilling fluid. Any requirements please feel free to contact me. 
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