Advantage and working principle of mud gun

In the process of drilling mud cleaning, the drilling fluids will be accumulated and processed by solids control equipment. In order to improve the stirring effect, we usually use mud gun  to prevent drilling mud from precipitation in mud tank according to practical demands.
The mud gun working principle
The construction of the mud gun is consisting of the moving adjusting lever, flange, mud gun main body, the nozzle.
The mud goes out from the sprayer after being driven by the pressure from the pump. Then it stirs the drilling fluid when being driven by the turning handle and cleans the precipitated sand at the tank bottom.
The number of mud gun depends on the size of tank. Usually mud gun installed with mud line of mud tank. And mud guns will be configured together with mud agitators. According to the inlet pipe size, there are 2” mud gun and 3” mud gun for option.
The advantages of Aipu mud gun
1. Adapted a greater seal to ensure a long service life for equipment.
2. High pressure and common pressure optional for user
3. Swiveling type and fixed type. Rotation degree up to 360°mix mud complete without blind area.
4. Simple design and compact
5. Adapt better according to certain working condition
6.1 or 3 nozzles for option
7. Easy to operate and maintain. Low cost

mud gud