Some features for double deck shale shaker

Double deck shale shaker is widely used for oil and gas drilling rigs site. They can be used for both mud solids control or drilling cuttings waste management.

Advantages of Aipu solids control double deck shale shaker
1. Double deck shale shaker has the large treating capacity. The wide-meshed shaker screen on top deck can separate most big size solids before the mud enter into the bottom deck. It greatly reduce the load of bottom shaker screen.
2. Double deck shale shaker can separate the drilling mud or drilling cuttings more dryer. As there are 2 times shale shaker separation.
3. Larger vibration motor power with the greater vibration force to get better treating effect.
Moreover, the double deck shale shaker have advantages of bigger advantage and dryer separation result, but it has some difficult to change shaker screen. And the cost of replacement shaker screen also higher, as there are 5 each screen for a shale shaker.
Aipu double deck shale shaker is used as a first stage treatment machine, normally top deck with gap screens and bottom deck with larger mesh screen to boost separation performance. We also can design it according to your special needs.
Double deck shale shaker