How does each solids control equipment work?

Shale shaker is the first stage solids control equipment, mainly take advantage of screen separation, it make better fluid condition for next stage equipments, such as vacuum degasser, desander hydrocyclone separator, desilter, or mud cleaner.

Then the vacuum degasser. Usually there is horizontal and vertical type. Nowadays we usually use vertical type since it takes less space. The principle is using vacuum pump to suck drilling mud after separating out gas, vacuum pump will pump it away. During vacuum degasser processing, it is not separating solid particle but getting rid of little invaded gas.

The hydrocyclone desander separator. We only call it desander. Usually, it is combined desander cone and underset shaker. But many users only inquire desander cone. It takes advantage of cyclone separation principle. Then separate particle sized 47~74microns out. Subsequently, desilter holding same principle and separate particle sized 15~46 microns

Mud cleaner and desander/desilter will be selected as one. And under set shaker of mud cleaner can choose rather fine shaker screen. Such as 300 mesh. This will lead left particle size much small and decrease drilling fluid weight as well as decrease the decanter centrifuge load.

Decanter centrifuge, takes the principle of decanting separation. The reduction between screw and convey makes drilling fluid separate particle sized 2~7 micron out. This will meet high requirement of drilling deep oil well, etc.
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