Work principle and application of decanter centrifuge

Work principle
Decanter centrifuge key part is screw conveyor and transmission. When drilling decanter centrifuge work, drilling fluid will flow into centrifuge through drilling fluid input. Then the roll bowl will increase speed and fluid will flow into centrifuge through one fixed input pipe. Since rolling bowl rotate at rather high speed.
Drilling mud decanter centrifuge are designed specifically to remove unwanted solids and fine particles from virtually all kinds of used drilling mud, including those based on water/synthetics and conventional oil-based drilling fluids.

Drilling mud is an integral part of most drilling operations, it is also called drilling fluid, there are some solids suspended in the fluid
Decanter centrifuge can provide solid-liquid separation technology to drilling mud application, enabling reuse of the material and more efficient and cost-effective disposal. We have our special design and collocation decanter centrifuge for oilfield and industrial solids control, drilling fluid cleaning and process water treatment.

Aipu decanter centrifuges are used to process water-based and oil-based drilling fluids. Oilfield decanter centrifuges mechanically increase the gravitational force exerted on the liquid and solids mixture present in the mud system. We can apply over 3,000 G-forces machine to separate the particles in the fluid

Aipu decanter centrifuges have large process capacity to meet all ranges as per drilling program. It is commonly and widely used for oilfield and gas well operations providing efficient solids control while significantly reducing the operator's total mud cost and minimize waste disposal volumes.
drilling mud decanter centrifuge