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Oil sludge screw conveyor delivery

Oil sludge screw conveyor for this client was designed as horizontal type. This client will use our conveyor in their overseas project. They always have strict requirements on all equipment, including the quality, appearance, performance, and so on. Please find more detail about this lot screw conveyors

Oil sludge screw conveyor parameters

These conveyors are double shaft horizontal conveyor. It will be used to transfer materials with 350℃ temperature. Consider so high working temperature, we utilized stronger material and special bearing meet such temperature requirements.

Capacity is 3m³/h. Conveyor angle is 0° driven by 10HP explosion proof motor. The conveyor diameter is 300mm with conveyor shaft sized 108mm. Conveyor shaft is made of 108mm tube thicks 8mm. To get better durability, conveyor material is Q345B, the screw conveyor shell is Q235B thicks 10mm. Conveyor speed is 23rpm.
Oil sludge screw conveyor

Special design for this conveyor

The 0° against ground, double shaft, high temperature working condition, small capacity and slow speed. Besides the special design strict requirements on the unit is another feature.

For example, the painting. Client also indicated all surface painting requirements. Prior to painting, sand blasting is necessary process. As per Sa2.5 standard, St3 executive code and the inspection standard ISO8501, etc. All the welding lines are full welding, angle welding height should be not lower than least material thickness, and so on.

Aipu oil sludge treatment screw conveyor

Aipu oil sludge treatment equipment including cuttings dryer, Hi-G drying shaker, screw conveyor. Appreciate clients' trust and support we've produced quantities of equipment to serve many clients for sludge treatment. The screw conveyor is widely used to such projects.

Conveyor can be used to convey the sludge from tank to dryer, from shaker discharge to mud skips, etc. The conveyor size or dimension will be designed as per customer demand. For example, the conveyor length, incline angle, and so on. We can design it as 40' long, 12" diameter, and 30° against ground

No matter what size, what dimension, what capacity you need. Please tell us your detail demand and requirement. Aipu will provide you satisfied screw conveyor for your oil sludge treatment project

oil sludge screw conveyor