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Horizontal mud agitators delivery to oilfield

Horizontal mud agitators were ordered for oil drilling mud process. This client is our regular customer. They ever also ordered the shale shaker, centrifugal pump, and so on

Horizontal mud agitators information

These mud agitators are horizontal type driven by 15HP, and geared with common worm gear box. According to user tank size, shaft length is 1.7m. The impellers are double 750mm ones. The blades on impeller are canted type for better performance. Agitator is fixed on reinforced base. For convenient and safe handling there are forklift holes at bottom

No special customer built specs, the color is red and yellow. Very impressive and beautiful. We finished all these mud agitators in 5 days. Of course, based on quality and reliability. Clients expressed their satisfaction on the mud agitators for the design, for price, for lead time.
Horizontal mud agitators

Mud agitators feature

Compared to other brand agitators, Aipu agitators are more competitive with high cost-efficiency. You will find Aipu agitators provide users best ratio between price and quality. All the raw material will be outsourced from API and ISO certified company. The motor and gear box are from famous make. Supplied items will be optimal for user and operation condition

It doesn't matter you need horizontal mud agitator or vertical one. The design and configuration will be high quality and adaptable for working condition. The stable performance with strong durability. Fabrication will vary according to user budget. If the helical bevel gear box is acceptable, you'll get the larger torque agitator with less power

Impeller and shaft are custom design parts. Please do tell us the specification of your tank. If possible, drilling mud property is requested as well. If no special requirements, we'll decide the model according to former practical experience.

Order Aipu mud agitator 

Aipu is professional on horizontal mud agitators, as well as vertical mud agitator. The agitators are widely used in drilling mud process. When we drill oil well, when we drill water well, when we do the HDD or process drilling mud for any interested project

When you need mud agitators, please contact us with the specification you prefer. The mud tank specs are necessary as well. Tell us the working condition you know. Aipu will firstly give you a proposal including agitator price, the specification, lead time and so on. You can compare our offer to others'. Against your confirmation or payment we'll produce agitators for you

After order, please take it easy. Concerned people will follow up your order instantly. Make sure every procedure is well. Make sure you'll get items in time. Make sure the quality is reliable and conformed with agreement.

Horizontal mud agitators