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Aipu solids control new order on mud agitators

Mud agitators of this order will be used in oil drilling mud process. Besides agitators, there are also the centrifugal pump and mud guns.

Solids control mud agitators new order

Congratulations to Aipu solids control. Just a new order on solids control mud agitators, mud guns and centrifugal pumps confirmed last week. This is our new client. Compared with many supplier and manufacturers they selected Aipu finally.

Ordered mud agitators including APMA5.5, APMA7.5, APMA11. The mud agitators will be mounted on their different drilling platform for different mud tank. Tank average depth is 2.3m. The reserve tank, the pill tank, and the mixing tank. Standard configuration with helical worm gear box and explosion proof motor. Totally ordered over 15 sets of agitator. But the electrical system is different with domestic input. Under custom design these agitators may be finished in 3 week.

Furthermore, they also ordered the centrifugal pump, and mud guns. Centrifugal pump will be used as feeding pump, and mud mixing pump. Durable mechanical sealed pump, most popular one all over the globe. Mud guns will be set as associated equipment with agitator mounted on each compartment.
mud agitators

Aipu mud agitators feature

Flexible design for custom built demand. High quality raw material, strict procedure during manufacturer and inspection. Cost-effective solution at reasonable price. The price is flexible as well. According to different configuration you'll be offered with related price level

Mud agitators always work with fluids. The painting and surface process is rather important. Usually, Aipu will make sand blasting according to Sa 2.5 standard. Then, we paint 2 layers primary, 2 layers middle, and 2 layers finish paint oil. The paint oil will be heavy anti-corrosive type. Such process will definitely lead longer service life

​Compared with other supplier, you will know better on Aipu agitator configuration. All material and necessary components will be declared clearly. You will see why it is at that price. No matter you have higher budget or lower budget you must get satisfied cost-effective solution.

Other solids control equipment on this order

The mud guns are designed for tank deeps about 2.3m from internal floor to tank frame tube top. The average mud gun length is 2000mm. Common design with three 3" nozzle. All mud guns will be mounted on tank to work together with agitator. Thus agitation or mixing will be effected throughly without dead corner

Centrifugal pump for this client are used as feeding pump and mixing pump, trip pump. Feeding pump is for the mud cleaner or hydrocyclone separator. Mixing pump will be the power and feeding pump for mixing hopper. Totally 10 sets centrifugal pump

This client is our new customer. They also contacted other solids control manufacturers. Selected us since they compared the price, configuration, lead time, service and found we are more competitive. Aipu solids control will continuously work hard and do the best to serve all clients. Satisfaction is always assured. 

mud agitators