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Oilfield solids control desander and desilter delivery

Solids control desander is the 2nd phase solids control equipment for well drilling. It is behind shale shaker. Usually get rid of 15~74microns

Delivery of oilfield desander and desilter

Delivered desander and desilter were designed with bottom shaker. Both capacity is 240m³/h. The desander was combined with 2 hydrocyclones and bottom shaker, the desilter was configured with ten 4" cone. Considered the flow rate, also supplied the feeding pump with 240m³/h capacity.

The solids control desander and desilter will be used in oil well drilling. The bottom shaker vibrator motors are explosion proof. And design standard is based on executive code SY/T5612, API Q1 petroleum standard

We finished 2 sets hydrocyclone separators and centrifugal pumps within 18 days. Compared with other manufacturers, our price, lead time and service are more competitive for customers
Solids control desander

Feeding pump for solids control desander and desilter

Feeding pump for this desander and desilter are common centrifugal pumps. The motors are explosion proof type. Capacity is up to 240m³/h. With lower head the flow rate will be much higher for sufficient fluids and pressure to cones. Then we have better performance and filtration on whole mud equipment

Centrifugal pumps for this client are horizontal type. If other clients request more compact design the pumps can be designed as vertical type or driven with belt. Such design will request less space on mud tank. All pumps supplied by Aipu solids control are mechanical sealed. Durable and reliable with excellent performance. Request few spare part and maintenance cost.

Oilfield solids control equipment available

Aipu produce complete line of oilfield solids control equipment. From shale shaker to decanter centrifuge; from mixing pump to mud tank valves are all available agains your demand or inquiry. Different drilling rigs will be provided with related solids control equipment. Including the treating capacity, design, appearance, custom built features, and so on.

Now, it's near to new year. Many many clients placed order for next year. Some clients told us the purchase plan or schedule wish get approximate schedule for delivery time and the best reasonable price. As clients know the raw material (especially the steel material) price appears to increase. Moreover, in China we'll enjoy the Spring festival holiday. So now, the solids control equipment, drilling waste management, oil sludge treatment items will be arranged on produce plan against your confirmation. Then you will get better price and shorter lead time

Please come to Aipu solids control with your demand or inquiry. To get the best price on solids control equipment!

solids control desander