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600GPM Mud cleaning system for HDD contractor

600GPM mud cleaning system delivered to Shanghai. End user is an overseas HDD contractor.  The system was finished within 3 weeks

600GPM mud cleaning system information

Aipu solids control just delivered one set of mud cleaning system. Project located overseas. The system is for HDD mud recycling. Mud cleaning system for HDD will benefit whole drilling process. Enhance drilling efficiency. Similar as oil well drilling, the HDD mud system will save drilling cost, decrease risk, and so on

Delivered mud system including bellow items
1. One mud tank
2. Hunter-D3 shale shaker by 2 sets
3. The mud cleaner
4. Mud mixing modular
5. Mud agitation part
6. Electrical control system
7. Lighting system

600GPM Mud cleaning system for HDD contractor
Detail specification of 600GPM mud system

For this client, we provided the custom built service. Such as the Hunter-D3 shale shakers were designed with steel framed screen compressed by wedge blocks. The mud mixing system and agitation system were both configured with mixing pump for sufficient agitation and higher mixing efficiency.

The mud tank is 12000x2300x2100mm, while mixing and agitation tank both are 5500x2300x2100mm. Totally configured with 4 mud agitators, 2 mud mixing hopper pump. The agitators are driven by 10HP motor and geared by worm wheel reduction box

The motors are non-explosion proof type, however, consider the outdoor working condition. The control panels are the explosion proof type with better seal and weather-resistance feature
600GPM Mud cleaning system

Order mud cleaning system for HDD

HDD mud cleaning system is more and more necessary. According to the city development and environmental protection regulations, we need HDD mud recycling system for better construction. The HDD mud system should be compact and integrative.

Aipu solids control manufacture high quality mud cleaning system for HDD project all over the globe. Including the complete line equipment. Shale shaker, mud cleaner, mixing hopper, tanks, and so on. Please contact us freely if you do have demand or interest. The cost-effective solution is assured.

600GPM Mud cleaning system