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Mud gas separator and other degassers in solids control

Mud gas separator is also referred to atmospheric separator, or poor boy degasser. Usually we use the horizontal type in drilling fluid system.

Mud gas separator purpose

We use the separator to separate free gas or mixed gas and oil from the drilling fluid and convey the gas to a flare ignitor via vent line. The poor boy degasser usually get rid of large quantity gas bubble with large diameter. it provides us safety during well drilling

Almost present separator are based on the West Texas separator. The diameter of vessel are varying and lead different capacity during operation. Nowadays, the largest poor boy degasser is the SMGS separator made by M-I SWACO. Its capacity quoted as 65MMscf/day of gas.
Mud gas separator

Other degassers in drilling fluid system

The vacuum degasser, the gas buster and separator are main degasser device in fluid system. Gas buster is similar as the poor boy degasser. But they have different internal structure, such as internal plate or hopper like fluid discharge. We can use the gas buster to remove gas mixed with drilling fluid before the fluid goes over the shale shaker

The vacuum degasser, we often set it behind shaker. Mainly get rid of little quantity and tiny gas bubble in drilling fluid. Presently, there are 2 kinds of vacuum degasser. One is the self-suction type another is supplied via a separate pump. The typical brand and models are Derrick Equipment Vac-Flo, Magna-Vac, etc. For the self-scution degasser, there are also many other high quality degassers, such as the TSC, Aipu solids control, and so on

Suggestion on drilling fluid degasser

For a complete drilling fluid system, we kindly suggest the operation of vacuum degasser and mud gas separator. These will leave us a safe working condition and also give us better performance for whole drilling fluid system. Completely save drilling cost, etc.

The degasser selection should be based on whole fluid flow rate and the actual working condition. For example, the vacuum degasser, there are 270, 300, 360m³/h capacity, the poor boy capacity are from 200m³/h to 360m³/h. And for the poor boy degasser, we kindly suggest at least 50m vent line connected to the flare ignition device for safety

Please contact Aipu solids control for more information or separator price.

Mud gas separator