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Mud agitators selection and use in solids control

Mud agitators in solids control can be said the assistant equipment for drilling mud process.

Mud agitator selection rules

To select mud agitators means how to confirm the proper mud agitator for drilling mud tank or whole mud system. There are below rules for your reference
1. Mud tank dimension. Including length, width, height
2. Drilling fluid property. The gravity, the density, etc.
3. Installation position or space
4. Clients' special demand
5. Client budget

Generally, in drilling mud solids control system we use the 7.5~15kw powered agitator. We kindly suggest every 3m install one set agitator. Based on mud property and whole mud specification, we can select different model agitators. For example, if the mud density is 1.8g/cm³ we may need 7.5kw motor, while for 2.5sg mud we'll request at least 11kw agitator

Considering better performance with large torque or longer service life under same working condition, we suggest the helical bevel geared agitator. But its price is higher than common worm wheel geared agitator. So depends on clients' requirement and budget we'll provide different solutions
Mud agitators selection and use in solids control

Prior to order, we need clients to assist us on shaft length. There is a formula on shaft length and impeller. Usually, we'll suggest users tell us all tank detail for optimal mud agitator proposal.

Solids control agitator use

We suggest use mud agitator together with mud gun. Except shale shaker tank/compartment, almost every compartment or tank will be mounted with agitator. We need to run agitators keep drilling fluid property and maintain necessary suspending. To assist pill compounding, the pill tank or strip tank request mud agitator as well.

The mud gun used together with agitator will get rid of dead corner in mud tank. Mix and agitate drilling fluids completely. On mud tank, we mount agitator on top of each compartment. The impellers are always designed as canted type for agitation effect with large swirl. Agitators should be ran continuously from the beginning time to whole mud system closed.

Special mud agitators

If the drilling mud or drilling condition is special with very different material or content, such as the alkali soil, brine, or other corrosive material, we should select stainless steel shaft and impeller, also shaft stabilizer if necessary

Besides for drilling fluid, we'll also use agitator in other industry or material processing. Such as chemicals, the oil sludge treatment, and so on. In short, for each application we'll suggest different configuration. Please tell us all you need and the working condition, all left for solution is our responsibility

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