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The theory of fluids pass through shale shaker

We ever talked many times on shale shaker working principle and function in drilling fluid solids control. Today we'll talk the theory of fluids pass through shaker

Why need shale shaker?

Shale shaker main function is to get rid of as much useless solids as possible, based on least cost of drilling fluid. To achieve the aims, we need shale shaker to separate drilling cuttings out of drilling fluids. Usually, under silent status the shale shaker will filter more solids out. However, such filtration will also waste much useful drilling fluids.

Drilling cuttings size affect much on capacity. Drilling fluids will be stick on solid. When the solid size is same or smaller than salt particle the fluid volume will be larger than solids. When drilling fluid arrives on shaker screen, we need certain pressure to let fluid pass through screen.
shale shaker

But when we shake the screen upward and downward the drilling fluid will flow through screen, and larger solid will stay on screen cloth. The solids under certain tracking mode will convey solid to discharge end.

Shale shaker configuration

The shale shaker including the reserve channel (buffer box/feeder), shaker basket, shaker spring/damping unit, screen, discharge plate, control panel, vibrator motor, etc. Shale shaker function or performance will be affected by vibration mode, shaker stroke, vibrator motor. The shaker screen cloth can be mounted as axial direction or transverse direction.

Nowadays, almost screens are fixed at shaker basket sides but not ends. The shaker deck will be mounted with upward angle or minus angle. Set discharge end as basic point compared with ground. No matter single deck or double deck, even multiple deck. There are different angled deck configuration
shale shaker screen

Different shaker performance in solids control

The drilling fluid pass through shaker to finalize solids control or removal. Different shakers will perform different accordingly. In total, there are linear motion shaker, circle motion shaker, BEM shaker, the unbalanced elliptical shaker

Linear motion shaker can be said the top popular one in oilfield drilling fluid process. Although it affect much on whole solids control industry, other type shaker provide special features during operation. Circle shale shaker is more easier to fabricate and perform better when get rid of clay. The BEM shaker will decrease horse foot effect but less capacity than linear motion shaker. Unbalanced elliptical shaker perform unstable with various performance

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