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TBM mud cleaning system proposal

TBM mud cleaning system is designed for a micro tunneling project overseas. The main features including integrative, economical, cost-effective, compact, and so on

TBM mud cleaning system information

The treating capacity for this TBM mud system is 150m³/h. Proposed equipment including the shale shaker, desander cone, desilter cone, the centrifugal feeding pump, the mud tank. The complete mud system will request only 5160x2820mm area. The total height at job site is 4500mm. The tank top and complete system top are configured with lifting hole for convenient handling or lift.

The bottom tank overall size is 5020x2200x2040mm. Such design will be adaptable for ocean shipment with container loading. The tank top cleaner is easy to lift off the bottom tank. When we transport the system there is no worries on height limit

Mud cleaner is integrated with bottom shaker, desilter cones and desander cone. The feeding pump for desander and desilter are separately mounted on tank top and bottom.

TBM shale shaker

The shale shaker for this TBM mud system is the Hunter-MG4. It is utilized composite frame screen. Total screen area is about 2.7㎡. The vibrator motor is top brand Ital-Vibras. The motors are more durable and reliable with hard working condition. Such as high temperature condition.
TBM mud cleaning system

It's typical linear motion shaker with high vibration strength. The maximum capacity is up to 616GPM. Its deck angle is from -1~+5. Amplitude is 5~6mm. The surface processing including sand blasting, 6 layers painting in total. The Hunter-MG4 shaker weighs about 1785kg and with as low as 85db decibel. The screen quick installation way provides more convenience and efficiency.

Hydrocyclone for the TBM mud system

The hydrocyclones including desander and desilter. Desander is 12", while desitler is 4".  All of the cones are made of high quality polyurethane with high durability and performance. Cones will be connected with grooved coupling. Proposed mud cleaner is a bit different with common type. Desander and desilter hydrocyclone will be mounted separately. Such design will request less space for complete mud sytem

The desilter hydrocyclones are mounted over shaker, the desander cones will be mounted ahead of the desilter over shaker discharge end. The desander nozzle will spray fluid to screen surface directly

Feeding pump in TBM mud system

Feeding pumps are for desander and desilter cone. The capacity is about 160m³/h. There are totally 2 pump. One is for Desander, the other is for Desilter. No matter what mud system, we request special pump for specific use. The pumps are driven by 37kw motor. Their seals are durable mechanical seal made of high quality special alloy.

The pumps are completely interchangeable with the Mission Magnum pump. Our pumps have enjoyed great reputation among all of our customers. They are reliable and cost-effective. In this TBM mud system we designed pumps as compact structure with driven belt.

For now, our client is satisfied with our proposal. There is detail technical information and specs. They compared ours with other suppliers'. Our price is not the lowest one, however they are more willing to select Aipu solids control. They know the difference and quality level.

Please contact Aipu freely. For optimal TBM mud system.

TBM mud cleaning system