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ZJ70 rig oilfield mud system

Oilfield mud system is the drilling fluid system for oil well drilling. Or we call it as drilling fluid solids control system. According to oil rig drilling depth there is ZJ10, ZJ20, ZJ30~ZJ90. Different oil rig will request different mud system

General configuration for ZJ70 oilfield mud system

The complete mud system for ZJ70 oil rig including the mud gas separator, shale shaker, vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, middle speed decanter centrifuge, high speed decanter centrifuge. The auxiliary mud equipment including mud agitators, mud guns, the centrifugal pump, mixing pump and shearing pump

Mud system flow rate is 1580GPM. Totally configured 3 sets Hunter-MG4 shale shaker with the mud divider. The poor boy degasser will be set ahead of shaker. Its model is APMGS1200 with 1200mm diameter vessel. Mud cleaner is combined with Hunter-MG4 shaker, three 12" cones, and eighteen 4" desilter cones

Considered the well depth and whole mud system flow rate 2 sets decanter centrifuge are necessary. One is the middle speed one with about 50m³/h capacity, the other one is the high speed centrifuge with VFD panel. Final separation point is as fine as 2-5microns.

Solids control system will benefit much for whole oil well drilling. We talked much about solids control benefit before. Decrease drilling cost, enhance drilling speed, and so on
oilfield mud system

Main equipment information for ZJ70 rig mud system

There are 3 sets linear motion shaker with total capacity up to about 1800GPM.  Flow divider will be supplied together for drilling fluid distribution to 3 shale shakers. The total screen area is about 10.9m². Screens are all composite frame and tensioned by wedge blocks. Before shale shaker, drilling fluid will flow into mud gas separator firstly. The  invaded gas will be separated out of drilling mud and lead safe working condition

After shaker, the vacuum degasser is set before mud conditioner. To get rid of small quantity invaded gas also agitate drilling mud with shearing force. Fluid discharged from vacuum degasser will be pumped to mud cleaner. The mud cleaner combined with eighteen 4" desilter cone, three 12" desander cone. The bottom shaker is also Hunter-MG4. All cones are high quality hydrocyclone and connected with groove coupling. The feeding pump for cones are the horizontal centrifugal pump with durable mechanical seal. PS: Our pumps are completely interchangeable with Mission Magnum pump. They are rather reliable, durable, and cost-effective.

Middle speed decanter centrifuge will be fed by submersible slurry pump or screw pump. The pump transfer drilling mud from desilter tank to centrifuge. Middle speed centrifuge will separate 5-7microns solid out of drilling fluid. Then the clean mud will be transferred to high speed decanter centrifuge. The high speed centrifuge is usually fit with VFD panel. Thanks to high G force under high speed rotation the separation point is 2-5 microns

Auxiliary mud equipment for ZJ70 oil rig

Auxiliary mud equipment including mud agitator, mud gun, mud mixing pump, the shearing pump, trip pump and so on. The mud agitator will be mounted on almost mud tank except the shaker compartment. The mud mixing pump is used to mix the drilling fluid with sack mud or necessary chemicals for quality drilling fluid. Shearing pump is suggested to use together with the mixing hopper as well.

Mud guns are used together with agitators. This coordination will make all drilling fluid agitated completely without dead corner. The agitators are almost driven by 15hp motor. The helical worm gear box is more economic, while the helical bevel gear box is more powerful and compact.

Mud tanks in ZJ70 oilfield solids control system

The basic configuration including shale shaker tank, mud cleaner tank, decanter centrifuges tank, reserve tank, the mud mixing tank, the trip tank, and so on. There are at least 8 mud tanks. Almost every tank will be divided into compartments. According to certain function, it may be 3 compartments, or 2 compartments.

And all mud tanks should be same on width and height. According to different process or function, the tanks can be different on length. Take sufficient storage capacity and space-saving in consideration, all mud tanks should be necessary and properly positioned

On every tank, there will be stop rod or positioning plate. To make sure the tanks are in line and properly set on ground. All tanks will be mounted with handrails, walkway, stairs and necessary accessories. Kindly suggest foldable guardrails, walkways for convenient transportation.

Mud tanks for oilfield mud system should be the typical three foot skid mounted tank. Such design will benefit much on handling and transportation.
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