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Centrifugal pumps in oilfield solids control

Centrifugal pumps work as drilling fluid supply power or mud equipment fluid source. In oilfield solids control, there are many equipment need centrifugal pump to feed. As they don't have self-suction ability.

Centrifugal pumps for standard drilling equipment

In drilling mud solids control including mud hopper, mud gun, desander, desilter,degasser, the triplex pump, etc. mud equipment. All of them have one thing in common: need 76-80feet inlet head to perform as rated or designed. There is exceptions in deed. Users should consult equipment manufacturer. They will give operators suggested size and we simplify sizing centrifugal pumps job.
Centrifugal pumps

Below configuration is standard one.
6" hopper will be with 2" nozzle at 550gpm capacity
4" hopper with 1.5" nozzle will be fed by pump with 300gpm flow rate
Mud gun with 3/4" nozzle request 85gpm flow rate
The desander cone 10" request 500GPM per cone
Desilter cone 4" request 60gpm per cone

Above listed are general standards and support with practical operation. But all values should be verified prior to sizing centrifugal pumps. For ideal performance and proper operation, consider both suction and discharge condition is very important to sizing pump

Models and types of centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pumps usually are named based on inlet and discharge port size, as well as the impeller size. For example, 8x6x14 means the pump input diameter is 8", 6" is the discharge end. 14 means impeller size in inches at the maximum.

Different equipment will request different model centrifugal pump. With different flow rate, power demand, general design. Considering actual working condition, user also can select horizontal or vertical type centrifugal pump. Furthermore, there are motor direct driven pump and belt driven pump. The hydraulic pump or engine driven pump

Some alternation on pumps

When we select pump we need consider many issues. The flow rate, the head, the pressure, the impeller, and so on. The pump curve will help us to find the proper pump under certain working condition. Again, the pump 8x6x14. The power is 100hp. One pump is configured with 14" impeller, another is with 12" impeller. Transfer same fluid under general same condition, the pump with 14" impeller will hold higher flow rate.

Furthermore, if we use 8x6x14 pump to transfer drilling fluid up to 200feet, the flow rate will be certainly smaller than fluid head at 150feet. And the pressure will vary accordingly as well. So when we select pump, general background should be considered completely. Slightly larger design capacity is more suggested

For the centrifugal pumps, if you have more question or interest, please contact us now. Other solids control equipment question are also welcome.

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