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Vibrating motion of solids control shale shaker

Solids control shale shaker in drilling fluid system will be followed by vacuum degasser for oil well drilling. Then the desander, desilter or integrated mud cleaner.

Vibration motion of solids control shale shaker

Shale shaker can be divided into many different types. Such as according to the vibration mode. There are circle motion, elliptical motion, linear motion, balanced elliptical motion shaker. The different motion shaker means the tracking mode is different. The drilled solids on shaker screen surface will move under different tracking pattern.

Vibration mode decided by the motors installation way. For example, the vibrator motor quantity, the internal eccentric block position and combination way. Most of linear motion shaker are installed vibrator motors over basket on vibration beam. If linear motion shaker, the motors are mounted in parallel with central line. No matter they are separately installed on shaker side or central line.
solids control shale shaker

If it is BEM shaker, there are 2 different configuration. One is 2 vibrator motors with different horse power. Vibrator motors can be installed above shaker basket or separately on shaker sides. Another is 2 vibrators with same power but there is angle between 2 same vibrator motors. Thus the tracking mode will be balanced elliptical one

Different mode and different features of shaker

Every vibration mode shaker will have its features. Clients will select certain shaker according to actual working condition and the operation preference. Linear motion shaker will be selected since the high capacity and filtration efficiency. The BEM shaker will be selected since it is rarely blocked by drilling cuttings. And it decreases much on horse foot effect. 

The circle motion shaker is the early designed shaker. It is configured with single vibrator motor. It's more economical. But it holds less capacity and lower efficiency. There is also the unbalanced elliptical motion shaker. Compared with circle motion, the unbalanced elliptical shaker holds larger capacity.

During the drilling process, different drill depth and condition will request different solids control equipment. For the shale shaker, we recommend linear motion shaker for earlier drilling with less solids content. While the BEM shaker, we suggest operate it when drill deeper well with higher solid content and slower velocity.
solids control shale shaker

How to select different motion shakers?

Kindly toward to mud suppliers, drilling engineer or the shale shaker manufacturers. They will analysis whole drilling condition and give the optimal solution to users. Mainly, shaker selection based on below issues.
1. Flow rate or treating capacity
2. Drilling condition
3. Mud property or geology situation
4. Spare parts consumption
5. Maintenance and operation ease
6. Shaker screens installation way
7. Shakers practical performance
and so on

If we consider all above issues, the proper shaker will be easily to be confirmed. For further question or interest, please come to Aipu solids control. Trust you'll get satisfied guidance on solids control shale shaker

solids control shale shaker