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Drilling mud bottom type mud gun

Bottom type mud gun at Aipu solids control is available in 2", 3", and 4". Other sizes are available on request. Different sizes will be designed with different pressure level.

General information of bottom type mud guns

Different with spinner / pivot type, and the non-spin type mud gun. The bottom type mud gun is used in where large size metal tanks are employed as mud pits 

Bottom type mud gun is able to provide supplemental or primary mixing in mud tanks depends on the pit size as well as how many guns operated. Bottom type mud guns are designed for submerged service in drilling mud tanks / pits, especially the steel one
bottom type mud gun

Aipu solids control bottom mud gun

All mud guns are equipped with handles and swivel joints as illustrated, permitting 360° rotation. The length will be customized according to users' detail request and working condition. So when you place order, please do confirm length with us. That means the center line of inlet to center line of outlet.

The mud guns of Aipu are usually equipped with 2" or 3" tube as gun assembly. And nozzle number can be one or three. Also, the working pressure. You can select low pressure or high pressure. No matter what size you prefer, there is proper mud gun for you.

Moreover, the mud guns can be equipped with other sizes tube. Custom built services is available against request.

Other type mud guns

There are also spinner/pivot type, the non-spin type mud guns.  Spinner type mud gun is designed for use in tanks where request utmost in constant agitation. Nozzles are set at an angle and the pressure in the line imparts a spinning motion which is accommodated by a style 20 high pressure swivel joints

The non spin type mud gun is designed for mixing large volume of muds in the top of the tank or pit and also for transferring mud from one tank to another tank. Non spin type mud gun cannot spin because centrifugal force is neutralized by the offset of the barrel of the gun. 

Compared with above 2 types gun. Bottom type mud gun is more simple in construction and easy to operate.  No matter which type do you prefer please come to Aipu solids control. As Aipu solids control is one of the top manufacturer on bottom type mud gun for drilling mud.

bottom type mud gun