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Oil drilling vacuum degasser delivery

Vacuum degasser to be delivered will be used in oil drilling mud system. This vacuum degasser is common vertical type. Thanks to all people hard work and coordination we finished it in 7 days.

Vacuum degasser information

Oilfield vacuum degasser is another equipment to get rid of gas in drilling fluid besides poor boy degasser. Mud gas separator will be set ahead of shaker, while the vacuum degasser will be set after shale shaker. Vacuum degasser can help get rid of invaded gas also agitate drilling mud by internal blades

We usually name degasser by the flow rate. Such as APZCQ240, APZCQ300, and so on. That means the capacity is 240m³/h, 300m³/h. This degasser to be shipped is ZCQ300. It was manufactured for oil rig company. They ever ordered mud system from us. This degasser will be used to replace previous one on other rig

How to operate degasser legally

Vacuum degasser is called as 2nd purification equipment. It will get rid of invaded gas in drilling fluid. When we drill well, there may be gas flow into drilling mud. To prevent any danger and make sure safe drilling site vacuum degasser will be started.
vacuum degasser

Compared to poor boy, vacuum degasser holds smaller volume. It is more suitable for less quantity gas than poor boy.  Prior to running degasser, we need to make sure the rotation direction is same as marked one. The vacuum ratio should be at -0.025~-0.045Mpa. Too high or too low will lead danger. Furthermore, liquid level should be not lower than suction pipe bottom line.

Operating vacuum degasser according to user manual or instruction. It should be maintained regularly according to tips manufacturer suggested.

Aipu vacuum degasser

Aipu manufacture complete line mud equipment for oil drilling. Vacuum degasser of Aipu including 4 main models. The APZCQ240, 270, 300, 360. Vertical type with compact footprint. Optimal design with self-suction. No need for extra feeding pump. 
Vacuum degasser

Compared with other manufacturers, Aipu has over 15 years experience on drilling mud equipment. High quality raw material Q345 for durable and reliable performance. The surface painting is heavy anti-corrosive paint oil. More beautiful and long lasting under wet air or offshore platform

Quality and price are always the first things we consider, same as clients. Please trust you will get high quality degasser at rather competitive price. The best cost-efficiency will be shown to you at Aipu solids control.

vacuum degasser