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Delivery of polyurethane shaker screens

Polyurethane shaker screens were delivered to airport. This lot screen is repeat order from regular clients from America. They have ever tested our urethane screen twice with small quantity. Now they are placing order with common demand

The screens for this client are sized 1044x702 with 0.85mm openings. There are 2 different colors. One is red, another is orange. As different user's requirement vary from each other. All screens delivered are embedded with yarn. This technique is rather advance and it's a way to make screen strong and durable during operation

polyurethane shaker screens

Besides this client, we have clients in Europe also prefer our screen panels. Although our price is a bit higher, they trust our quality and reject polyurethane shaker screen from other suppliers. Per different working condition, AIPU urethane screen can be used over 6 months. Even can be used up to 12-18months.
Urethane screen
We are proud to provide clients satisfied solution. Such screens are available with many size and apertures. Such as 1220x700, 0.075~1.0mm. Please feel free to contact Aipu solids control. You'll get high quality and reasonable price very soon

Many clients request free sample of such screens. I'm sorry to say, it can't be sent to you freely. The cost is much much higher than our common S.S screen panel. If you are interested in it, please contact us and let's talk more detail  via email, phone. Let's figure out how to save your cost and we come to cooperation

Polyurethane shaker screens