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Liquid gas separator to be delivered along with vent line

Liquid gas separator is the device to remove entrained gas in drilling mud. Large quantity of entrained harmful gas will be got rid of the poor boy degasser. It is set before shale shaker for safe drilling site. Big air bubbles are broken by internal baffle plate or the converted hopper then flow upward and out of degasser to bent line. Then gas flame will burn all separated gas out

Liquid gas separator

This year, Aipu has produced over 60 sets such equipment. Almost are repeat orders from CNPC. In Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Liaoning, and so on oilfield. They are happy with our degasser quality, and we have the special certificate for the pressure vessel

High quality raw material, strict manufacture procedure, and standard quality control all ensure clients get great liquid gas separator. Repeat orders tell the truth. Now, there are another 2 sets poor boy under manufacture, as well as the gas flame.
Liquid gas separator vent line
We are proud to get excellent feedback from users. It's the result of our continuous effort. You may still face the problem of cost increasing, slow drilling efficiency, poor quality equipment...... Contact Aipu solids control now. Promise you will get real problem solved and you'll get cost-effective products in deed.

Liquid gas separator